Bell's Palsy Anyone?

     Well, I started to feel a little numbness in my tongue on Thursday, but I attributed that to burning my tongue the few days before. That night, it felt like my right eye was about to fall out of my face b/c my eye lids were spread further apart than usual. I thought my eyes were just dry or whatever, so I went to bed. Next morning, I get up to find that I'm having a hard time eating my cereal or smiling. Jessica noticed that I wasn't smiling all the way, and was worried that it was something serious. I shrugged it off and assured her that it was nothing.
     Around lunch time, at work, I felt the dryness in my right eye getting worse and i couldn't sniff in my right nostril. So, the guys at work finally pushed me to go to the doctor. I went in, and Jessica's boss had me get pushed ahead of everything else, fearing the worst. I was then diagnosed with Bell's Palsy.
     In case you don't know what that is (and I didn't at first), I was told that it's a virus that you can just get from the air, and not from anyone b/c it's not contagious. It renders one side of your face paralyzed and/or numb. Among my inconveniences are, I cannot: blink with my right eye, open my mouth much on my right side, raise my right eye brow, or suck out of a straw. I also have to wear an eye patch during my sleep so my eye doesn't dry out when I sleep.
They have me on steroids and antibiotics. They anticipate that it will just go away in as short as a week or as long as a few months.
     Funny story, and I'll be done: I was playing in church Sunday morning, and we were playing this slow, sweet acoustic guitar song thanking God for the things He's done for us. So, my right eye started to well-up and tears streamed down my face. Not because I was sad or it touched me or whatever, but because my eye was so dry it couldn't take it. As soon as the song was over, I ventured off-stage out of the service, where I got the saddest looks asking, "Are you ok?" I couldn't help but laugh and assure everyone I was fine.
     So, that's been my last few days. Feel sorry for me yet? Don't, I'll get over it :) I appreciate any prayers though!


Darken the Door said...

Hey man, I do feeel sorry for you. Amy Westmorland had that. that's pretty strange huh. I hope you get better soon. take care -dt