If you know anything about me, I'm very into music. I'm a musician, singer, and self-made critic. I enjoy many types of music, but like everyone else, I have my limits. Country music is one of those personal limits, but this is not what today's topic is about.

Today, I want to just say a thing or two about a song that has come to grind my bones and make me want to break every nerve ending in my ears so I don't have to ever hear it again. (DISCLAIMER: If you like this song, that's fine, this is just my opinion -- don't take offense. If you do, I claim no blame.)

Before I reveal this song, I want to mention that I enjoy music that has heart, emotion, and meaning (no, Britney Spears doesn't count). The run-of-the-mill music and/or lyric combinations are very tired, and my lips actually curl downward when I hear such melancholic garbage. Maybe I'm too much of a music-snob, but I like to hear music that has passion, intensity, and movement, no matter how subtle or exaggerated.

The song that I has burdened my ears for so long and fuels my desire for its extinction is "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler. If your'e not sure what song I mean, feel free to search for it on yahoo or rhapsody or itunes. Unfortunately, this ridiculous song hides behind the mask of emotion and passion, but if you listen to it (and I hope it doesn't burn your ears) you might understand that it is a ruse. Her lyrics are just as bubbly with repetition and lyrics that don't really go in any vague direction. Ugh, it's no wonder that her song was a one-hit wonder... or was it a hit at all? Who knows, who cares, the song just plain sucks. When I hear it, I don't necessarily want to barf, but my ears want to.

Thanks for reading!


So far

January, 2008 marks the 8th month since my graduation. It's disappointing, I guess, for those of us who (are naive to) think that once we graduate from college, there will be a job lined up for us. That's where I am now. In my 8-month endeavor for a full-time ministry position, I've concluded that ministry positions are no different than a non-ministry position anywhere else when it comes to trying to get one: you put out your resume', you polish your cover letter, and make phone calls and sometimes do interviews.

I didn't expect for some ministry position to be handed to me like a reward for finishing school. As you may know, most paid ministry positions require graduate school or even doctorate work. So, I knew when I got my undergraduate, churches wouldn't be calling me up to snag me up before another church did.

I think I've just come to the realization that I should just let go of "trying to get a job at a church". My vocational goal now is to trust God to provide me with a place of ministry that I can be fruitful in. The truth is that He's done that since October 2006 when I started playing with Riverside Church in River Ridge. It's been fulfilling, especially in these last couple of months to be able to lead worship there.

The problem lies in supporting my family. Still, God has provided a place to stay, a place for full-time employment, and loving family/friends to support us. There's no room for complaint, and I know God will move us in the right direction -- spiritually, mentally, and physically.


Would You Eat It?

A curious question came up in the office today (Some of you might be asking yourself, "Office?" Yes, I work in an office at Industrial Products for the past 2 1/2 years). The question was "what could you eat on for the rest of your life if you had to?" A few of the items thrown in the mix were soup/raman noodles, red beans & rice (yes, that counts as one), and t-bone steak. As interesting as these items are, I'd like to throw it out there for the 10 people that read this to comment with their own favorites.


releasing the hate

Wow, it's been a super long time since my last post here, but I've had plenty of notes put into my daughter's blog .

Anyway, so something has changed, aside from all of the everyday changes that have occurred since our trip to Boston. I've never been a fan of baseball, and still really am not. However, Jessica and I's tour of Fenway Park changed the way we thought about the Boston Red Sox. We decided to start keeping up with them almost before the regular season ended, hearing that they tied with the Indians as having the best record in the AL (maybe in the MLB). So naturally, we got caught up in the race for the AL title. Just like in 2004, they were down 3 games in the ALCS, but won 4 in a row. Also, just like in 2004, they swept the opposing team in the World Series to capture their 2nd title in 4 years. Pretty sweet huh? But I digress to the real reason for this post.

Since I started going to college at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, I began which grew into an eventual hate for LSU. I couldn't stand the fact that they were getting so much money (to recruit for their football team,etc) and UL wasn't! I also hated that there were so many people from Lafayette that supported LSU that didn't support UL.

Anyway, I'm over that now. In 2000, with the name change from USL, UL became a state school, allowing more money to flow from the good 'ol boys in Baton Rouge. It was naive to think that UL was the only school that got screwed over by the government, and I'm certain that every state has their own UL. So, I've moved on, and can let go of the hate I held on to for little-to-no reason. I still love my Cajuns, but I won't begrudge LSU for winning the National Championship, given they play well enough. They've been upgraded in my opinion to good standing, but don't look for any bumper stickers, t-shirts, banners or the like on my person.

So, here's to you, LSU. Good job beating your old coach in their own town.


new blog

So that everyone can check what's going on with us and Julianne, you can go there by clicking here. So what are you waiting for? Go now :)


Graduation Blues?

Well, I've done it! The degree has been issued, and the dance has been finished. I'm officially a college graduate! Woo-hoo! No more teachers, no more books, no more tuition! I'm sure the rhyme is different, but this is my song :)

Now that I'm officially done with school (at least, in my limited view of the future), I'm working full-time (insert sound from Debbie Downer of SNL). It's nice to not have school work to do, especially on the weekend, so I'm not complaining. I guess there's something every graduate feels: "I have to live like everybody else now" kinda thing.

It's ok though. I know that things are never permanent, especially in light of becoming parents and all the things that happen with that (can't wait!). Other than that, I'm on the prowl for a full-time ministry position in worship. I've had a few email and phone leads, but nothing too solid yet. I am hopeful, and I know that God will point me in the right direction. If you have yet to give it a view, you can check out my online resume' here.



Well, I'm just about a month away from graduating. I think I shake from excitement as I sit here typing, but I try not to let it hit me too hard... yet. I've still got so many projects due in this month, including my 20-page senior paper that's due tomorrow.
I keep hearing the question asked of me, "So what are you gonna do now?" It's one of the questions I cannot answer, simply because I really don't know. What I do know is what I would like to do: lead worship full-time at a church. I've been exploring my options, but none have sprouted yet. I do not despair for the hope that I have in Christ is solid that He will take care of his servants. I'm listening and waiting for the words, "Go here." So, for now, I'm still running the race, and I can picture myself breaking the tape at the finish line. Chariots of Fire? Anyone? Bueller?