So far

January, 2008 marks the 8th month since my graduation. It's disappointing, I guess, for those of us who (are naive to) think that once we graduate from college, there will be a job lined up for us. That's where I am now. In my 8-month endeavor for a full-time ministry position, I've concluded that ministry positions are no different than a non-ministry position anywhere else when it comes to trying to get one: you put out your resume', you polish your cover letter, and make phone calls and sometimes do interviews.

I didn't expect for some ministry position to be handed to me like a reward for finishing school. As you may know, most paid ministry positions require graduate school or even doctorate work. So, I knew when I got my undergraduate, churches wouldn't be calling me up to snag me up before another church did.

I think I've just come to the realization that I should just let go of "trying to get a job at a church". My vocational goal now is to trust God to provide me with a place of ministry that I can be fruitful in. The truth is that He's done that since October 2006 when I started playing with Riverside Church in River Ridge. It's been fulfilling, especially in these last couple of months to be able to lead worship there.

The problem lies in supporting my family. Still, God has provided a place to stay, a place for full-time employment, and loving family/friends to support us. There's no room for complaint, and I know God will move us in the right direction -- spiritually, mentally, and physically.