Well, I'm just about a month away from graduating. I think I shake from excitement as I sit here typing, but I try not to let it hit me too hard... yet. I've still got so many projects due in this month, including my 20-page senior paper that's due tomorrow.
I keep hearing the question asked of me, "So what are you gonna do now?" It's one of the questions I cannot answer, simply because I really don't know. What I do know is what I would like to do: lead worship full-time at a church. I've been exploring my options, but none have sprouted yet. I do not despair for the hope that I have in Christ is solid that He will take care of his servants. I'm listening and waiting for the words, "Go here." So, for now, I'm still running the race, and I can picture myself breaking the tape at the finish line. Chariots of Fire? Anyone? Bueller?