Graduation Blues?

Well, I've done it! The degree has been issued, and the dance has been finished. I'm officially a college graduate! Woo-hoo! No more teachers, no more books, no more tuition! I'm sure the rhyme is different, but this is my song :)

Now that I'm officially done with school (at least, in my limited view of the future), I'm working full-time (insert sound from Debbie Downer of SNL). It's nice to not have school work to do, especially on the weekend, so I'm not complaining. I guess there's something every graduate feels: "I have to live like everybody else now" kinda thing.

It's ok though. I know that things are never permanent, especially in light of becoming parents and all the things that happen with that (can't wait!). Other than that, I'm on the prowl for a full-time ministry position in worship. I've had a few email and phone leads, but nothing too solid yet. I am hopeful, and I know that God will point me in the right direction. If you have yet to give it a view, you can check out my online resume' here.