For those of you who have not felt the impact of the Saints' first-ever, history-making appearance in the NFC Championship, let me fill you in. The last time they won a playoff game was in 2000, against the returning Super Bowl champs, St. Louis Rams, in the dome. Before that, I don't even think they made the playoffs since 1991, much less won the division. This year, they go 10-6, under a new coach, a new quarterback, and an offensive arsenal, much like the team of 2000. Providence, you say?

Friday was a good day. I finished up my class time at the workshop a day early, so I had that day to do some school work and goof around if I wanted to. I take a test, then catch a few minutes of video games. When Jessica gets home, she brought a surprise. She said it was a "card that she made all by herself." I opened it up, and just as she said, made all by herself -- only it had an extra surprise in it -- 2 SAINTS PLAYOFF TICKETS!!! Amazing, right? Yeah, I thought so too. So after thanking her repeatedly, we left for the game on Saturday around 3pm. yes, 3pm... the game started at 7pm. We got a good parking spot, and were only a block away from the Superdome (to those of you who have tried parking there, you know how hard that is). The doors opened at 4:30, but we had time to hang out with the other fans, while booing the very few Eagles fans, and listening to the Steve Miller Band play live. I've already said a lot, so I'll sum up the game: VERY LOUD! I heard that the decibal rating for a plane flying by is 1.12. The stadium that night: 1.07 = deafening. It was a rollercoaster game that had many highlights and only a few lowlights, but it was a rockin good time. So, onto Chicago where we look to go to our first ever Super Bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (even Terry Bradshaw is cheering them on)

Speaking of providence, it's game day and we went out to a few sports to get a Saints t-Shirt (only one I had is long-sleeve). There were no shirts anywhere! So, we settled on a hat, and a black t-shirt, just so I'd least have the right colors on. When we went to check out, there was a bundled up shirt on a hanger, apparently left by a customer who'd changed their mind about the shirt. We pick it up curiously to find that it's a white Saints t-shirt! We both looked at each other in amazement, and checked it for wardrobe malfunction, and then bought it! I was blown away... as if it had been left just for me :)