The Forgotten

Now we move on to the next draft of alien movies, with not so much alien. While the big pull may have been Julianne Moore to most people, I was intrigued with the whole mystery of the preview. Before I move into the movie itself, may I say that previews should be just that... a preview. A way for us to see what this movie could possibly be about without giving away the depth of the story, the dramatic ending or the dynamics of the character. It unnerves me to no end when previews/commercials for movies and/or tv shows show in 30 seconds what it actually gets down to in its presentation. Why would I want to see a movie that you've basically just shown me already?

The preview for this movie, The Forgotten, intrigued me because it gave notice to only a couple of things that was confusing the character, which confused the audience, taking you in as a part of the movie. That is exactly what a preview should do. Not give away the whole thing.

So I digress into written rhetoric about this flick. I was hoping that it would be scarier than it turned out to be, but it wasn't. There were a few shockers or intense 3-second moments, but they were few and far between. So, if you even think that it's one of those "too scary to see" movies, you'd be wrong.

The plight of a mother's fight for her son gets increasingly interesting as to the absurdity of others chasing her for no apparent reason, other than they think she might be a little nuts. It keeps your attention because you're all the while thinking, "Will she ever get her son back?" "Is she really nuts?" and "Whoa, that was cool."

The revelation of the mystery behind everything, and its ending were well-thought out and you leave feeling happy and satisfied. What more could you ask for in a movie?

Story = A- Scary = C Intensity = B+ Mystery = A Dialogue = B-


Jessica said...

I liked it :) And I wasn't afraid to go to sleep that night.

Drew Caperton said...

I will not like it in a box.
I will not like it with a fox.
I will not like it in the air.
I will not like it with long hair.
I will not "The Grudge" on screen.
I will not like it, Kent Caperteen.