This thing called fear

Since I got enough attention from my last movie review, I thought I'd give it another go.
I've seen many scary movies in my day... too many to count. In the last few years, this genre has moved away from the slasher films, which has its own value, and moved toward the psychological way of scaring its viewers. With movies like The Ring and the new movie, Saw, we can see this transition. Not that the good 'ol slasher films aren't still around, but are not quite in the mainstream.
The movie I'm about to rant about is probably something you won't see, but if you have, kudos. This flick of choice is
The Grudge. One word: 'wow'. In an overview, this movie is deeply intense. The underlying story is that where there is a horrible murder influenced by rage, there is a curse that springs forth, and stays at the place where it was birthed. The catch is: once you become a part of it, it will never stop until you are dead.
Normally with movies like this, there's no real plot, besides the fact that the house is "haunted". The creators are just in it for shock effect in the audience. Not true for this story. There is a mystery to the events leading up to the curse, and no security in predictability. It keeps you guessing the whole way through, and continues to make you jump out of your pants.
Skeptics may say that since it's in a theater, with the music so loud and people around you building up the suspense, that you probably could go without being scared if you rented it when it came out on DVD. I defy anyone who is not scared at all by this movie. Go ahead and wait for it on DVD at Blockbuster or wherever you get you movies from. If you don't soil yourself three or four times during the movie, you'll continually hear the distinct sound that the creepy ghost/monster makes throughout the movie as you go down the hall to your bedroom, and lie awake in bed. Sweet dreams!
Rating: A+ for scariness, A for plot, B for actors/casting, A+ for ghost/monster creepiness.


Jessica said...

Zoinks! Kent, as you already know I'm not "man" enough to see that movie. That is unless you'd like for us to have to sleep with the light on in our room for the next 6 months. I'm so glad my sis saw that with you so I wouldn't have to!

Sherilla Lay said...

thinking of scary movies, I think that the rea facts taken from the real live scare me more than the fiction. Blair Witch was fine, it really convinces you that it’s a kind of amateur, but too much dramatics sometimes can spoil the beautiful and scary parts in the movies. I remember that I almost fell asleep when I was watching The Ring; I’d like to watch the original jp version though.

Dallas said...

My friends -major film geeks- saw the Japanese version and were terrified throughout the entire thing.

I still refuse to pay to be scared.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kent, I do plan on watching the Grudge from the security of my living room possibly with a bowl of popcorn,pillow to hide behind, and according to your advice I may need a pair of depends. LOL!