Wow, it's amazing when things come together. Last Thursday, I was able to buy, after saving money and a generous Christmas gift, a brand new acoustic guitar, as seen in my earlier post. Of course, now I have to get down to Lafayette to pick it up, but the fun, of course doesn't stop there! Last week, we put down on a double (house) out in Metairie to rent, so we'll be on our own! Woo-hoo! It'll be nice to have the comforts of home: having our computer back, no cable tv, no couch to watch our no-cable tv, and just some good 'ol time to ourselves. We've enjoyed our time with Jessica's grandparents, who have graciously bestowed their living space upon us for the past few months.

So, we move in on Friday, all three of us. Yeah, I said 3! It's a... dog! Jessica is in that process of which should come to fruition shortly. She's very excited, as you may have noticed here.

Anyway, we couldn't be happier. It'll either make you want to celebrate with us or punch us. Either way, we're happy :)


Janis said...

Jessica's blog is just like listening to her talk. It's fun. I'm glad you've seen Phantom already. Congrats on the house! God is so good!!