Growing up in a Southern Baptist church wasn't all that bad. I had great community, great friends, and learned a lot about God.

After being baptized for the 3rd time (the 1st, age 5; the 2nd, age 13 for the real thing, i think; the 3rd, age 17 for what, I dunno), it became kind of almost trivial. I know that I am following Jesus in obedience, as He was baptized by John (the Baptist, go figure). But I hadn't quite thought it out.

It wasn't until I realized that my wife, Jessica, had not been baptized as a believer. Yes, she made a public profession of faith at 12, but had only been baptized as an infant. So, the discussion came up at one of the membership classes at our new church: Destiny Place Church. I thought about my baptisms x3, and I remembered why I did it, and am glad I did. Jessica and I had had these discussions before, and after that class, she decided that it is important and needed to be done.

So, now here we are, this past Sunday, right after our first communion sunday at church, and we have a small baptistry downstairs where we have the church's second baptism service. We baptized four that day, one including Jessica. Going into this, as everyone is, she was nervous. I didn't realize how nervous I was until I got there and had the privilege of baptizing her myself. It was a beautiful experience that we shared together, as one in Christ. How many other husbands can say that they baptized their wives? I am happy to say that I did, and I am very proud of her!!


Carrie said...

Yay Jessica, that is really cool!

Drew Caperton said...

Man, it's so great that you guys have that moment to share forever. Your relationship is a thing of beauty. I'm glad I'm related to y'all.