"...we could be heroes, but just for one day..." -- David Bowie

When I was a kid, I had my heroes. Superman, then Batman. G.I.Joe and He-Man. Youth ministers and pastors. Not that I longed to be like them, but looked up to them for their abilities beyond my own. I don't think I really have someone that I would call my hero. Maybe I'm too cynical, but it's not because I think that no one has an ability that I don't or couldn't have.

I'm not sure what it is, but I can think of people who possess traits that I wouldn't mind exlimplifying (sp?). Maybe they're heroes, maybe not. I admired Stevie Ray Vaughan (r.i.p.) for his amazing heart-inspiring and soulful guitar riffs. Dude, that man could wail.

I mentioned youth ministers and pastors. I have really come to learn a lot about how to handle situations and talking to people through watching these kinds of ministers at work. So, maybe in that way, they've been my heroes.

Whatever the definition of a hero is or isn't, the conclusion is the same. Everybody has people that they look up to and depend upon to make the right decisions, and doing things extraordinary. We may not know them personally, but those people are present in our minds, thoughts, and sometimes in our lives.

No moral or life-changing ideas, just some thoughts I had about it. Thanks, Drew, for the "blog idea".


Drew Caperton said...

First of all, you're welcome. I appreciate the props and the thoughts you had on it. I also agree with your summation of what a hero is. To some degree, they're an illusion because we only see a part of who they are. For instance, you might not know what kind of father or husband Stevie Ray Vaughan (r.i.p.), but it doesn't matter as much to you as the fact that "that man could wail."

I don't think this is bad at all, because we all have heroes that inspire us, and they don't have to be perfect to do that.

Mom said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your thoughts on heroes, having watched you go through those stages. Verrry interesting!

Daniel said...

very perplexing indeed.....the concept of a hero is definatly hard to define.....however in my opinion....i believe there is a peice of a hero in all of us....there is at least one thing in each of us that at least one other person looks up too....there are definatly traits within you that i look up too man....and not just in music and ping-pong(because you tear me up in both)...but your love for Christ as well is moving......as i read more and more of this book that im indulging in i find that both you and my dad share similar characteristics that i look up too....its somthing that i strive for.....anyways i guess thats enough of a full house momment for the day keep on rock'n man