3 is a holy number...

...or something.

Tuesday marked the close of Jessica and I's 3rd year of marriage. The time has really flown by, and we've had some great times. We marked this special occasion by dining out, and renting a movie, as most couples do.

On a national scale, most would say that the honeymoon years are over for us, but such is not the case. We're even more in love now than when we started! Statistically, that is a triumph, as far as I'm concerned. How many couples can truly say that? I'm not sure, but if there was a record for the longest streak of "honeymoon years" then we'd be in the high running :) Woo-hoo!


Drew Caperton said...

I see you're posting with a little more regularity now. Congratulations on three years man. It's amazing to think that we both have really happy marriages, considering what we came out of (Mom and Dad, not Mom and Michael). I can't wait to be near you guys again so we can get together more often.

Mom said...

God has truly blessed you with a wonderful woman to be your wife. The happiness shows.