collision of calamity

I know, I know, I'm sure you're wondering... "Man, he never posts." That's ok b/c I think Jessica covers most of the stuff that happens with us, and that's cool b/c my time is limited to work, class, homework, time with Jessica and Coca (not necessarily in that order). Anyway, I did feel the need to inform everyone of 48-hour jinx. No, I don't really believe that's the case, but I can see how someone could argue it.

It started Sunday morning, as I was helping to get things ready for service at church. There was a mix-up in the coffee maker, and it started to majorly overflow. Being the hero I am, I went after it, and held a cup under the spout to catch the remaining overflow. I just happened to have touched the filter, which also was overflowing, and splashed my hand, burning me intensely. I have the marks to prove it.

After I got home that morning, I put some oil in Jessica's car, which slowly leaks of this oil. I put the remaining quart that we had in, and went on my way to Zachary to pick her up. Wouldn't you know that I forgot to put the oil cap back on, and it ended up spitting and spraying oil all over the inside of the hood, which ultimately got into the ventilation system. So, the whole ride home was spent smelling the refreshing scent of burned oil. How nice.

Also, on the way home, it started to rain. So, let's see, what happens to the Capertons every time it rains? Something goes wrong with the windshield wipers. Sunday night was no exception. It was misting on us, so we put on the good 'ol wipers like anyone else would. Unfortunately, the wiper's arm just had enough of the blade that it was holding and decided to throw it off into oblivion! That's right, it just flew off the car! So, of course, we had to stop b/c we couldn't see anything. Thankfully, it was on the passenger side. So, we got out, and while trying to balance holding the dog, we replaced the blade with a freshly washed sock. We tied it off as tight as we could, so that the arm wouldn't scratch or crack the windshield any more than it already is.

Finally, this was the kicker. Yesterday, at work, things were going ok until I decided to take one of the Budget trucks to a nearby business. I didn't get 200 feet away when I tried to squeeze between an oncoming truck and the parked Budget truck along the street, where I smashed the parked truck's small rear-view mirror with my own. How fun. It ended up ok b/c we had spare parts and I didn't have to pay anything.

I shudder to think what could happen today, but thankfully I'm at school all day. And so far, I've even had 2 classes cancelled this week. So far so good! If you pray, pray for me that nothing will happen to me that won't make me go tragically insane. Thank you!


Jessica said...

I feel your pain, Kent...well not all of it, of course. I didn't burn myself. Btw..that was a dirty sock! My foot skin cells are all over the windsheild, lol.

Anonymous said...

dude, ive left my oil cap off AND had my windsheild wiper fly off my truck before, AND i used a sock to substitute.....how wierd...