Communion Sunday

June is about the 8th month of our attendance at Destiny Place Church, and this is the 2nd Communion service (the 1st being 6 weeks before this one). Unlike most churches, our church's communion ceremony involves "intinction". This is where you have a plate of bread, that you break off while the holder says, "This is my body broken for you". The next person is holding a cup filled with some kind of dark fruit juice (ours just happens to be cranberry-grape), and you dip your piece of bread in the cup, and eat it as the holder says, "This is my blood shed for you".

I am the one put in charge of getting the necessities: bread and juice.
I knew that this was not a huge responsibility, but needed to be done. We drove in from Jessica's parents' house in Zachary on Sunday morning, and had to stop quickly to drop off our dog at the house. Following that, we stopped at "Save Yourself Center" Sav-a-Center, across from our house to get the goods for the service. Not too hard, right?

So, we get to the church, and set up for service, as usual. Jessica was then asked to take out the bread we bought out of the package, and place them on the plates. When she opened the bag, she immediately noticed a distinct smell. GARLIC! She saw the label that we obviously overlooked that read, 'Roasted Garlic Bread'. Eek-eek. The bread was pretty strong, and it even had thick cloves of garlic inside it! We could only gasp and snicker at the idea of using it for communion.

Of course, we had nothing else and no time to go pick up some regalar bread, so we proceeded as if it was a normal thing, and it went over just fine. Most people noticed that it was a strong bread, but didn't seem to mind. Most actually were overheard saying "man, that was good bread". We even saw someone carting off with it to bring home!

This just proves one thing: even when you mess up something like this, God is still glorified.


LaUrA said...

That's funny!

LaUrA said...

That's FunnY!

Margo said...

That is one of the funniest stories I have heard in a long time....hope it's ok to pass along. Thank you both for the visual image and the hearty laughs.

Laje Kahr said...

That story made me smile. Glad others are like me and believe that God is a daily life thing that even includes bloopers!

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