Top 10 Guitarists

Everybody's got an opinion, and if this blog is nothing else, it's to state my opinion on things. This a list of my top 10 guitarists, with some extras on the side. Feel free to agree/disagree as you please. I don't really care who you like.. if I did, then I'd put up a poll. Again, this is just my opinion. I refuse to rank them because it's just too stinkin hard! This is not an exhaustive list, just the ones that I have heard, and have been influenced in some way by. So, here they are:

Top Ten
(in alphabetical order):
Angus Young of AC/DC -- the dude just rocks!! plaid shorts and all

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top -- diggin the beard and killer licks!

David Gilmour of Pink Floyd -- piercing riffs to my soul!

Eddie Van Halen -- the name says it all; did you know he played guitar on Michael Jackson's "Beat It"?

Eric Clapton of several bands, but best on his own

Joe Perry of Aerosmith -- as if you didn't know; ROCK'N'ROLL!

Jimi Hendrix -- impossible to compare

Kenny Wayne Shepherd -- soulful and inspiring riffs, the best of the blues genre alive

Slash of Guns'n'Roses and Velvet Revolver -- you know the songs rock; how does he see his guitar? maybe he doesn't have to...

Stevie Ray Vaughan -- r.i.p. dude... you rocked!

Honorable mentions:
Brian May of Queen
Carlos Santana of Santana
Chris DeGarmo of Queensryche (my all-time favorite band!)
Eric Johnson
Joe Satriani
Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin
Lenny Kravitz
Steve Vai

If there were any of these you don't know, shame on you! Google them or something.


Jessica said...

I know you don't care about who we like but my #1 Favorite is ...Kenterina! I know I'm sappy.

Sullivan said...

Mike McCreedy
Stone Gossard
Jerry Cantrell
Tom Morrello
Redd Sullivan

Laje Kahr said...

Phil Keaggy doesn't even get honorable mention?

Other than that it's a pretty solid list of rocking guitarists.

jerry said...

man im so glad you mentioned brian may and david gilmore.......david gilmore has probably the best tone of any guitarist out there, i wish i could mimic that sound......and kudos on prince to, hes a musician who people really dont realize just how talented he is.

Anonymous said...

My top 5...

5. Eddie Van Halen
4. Jimi Hendrix
3. Carlos Santana*
2. Angus Young

* How the fuck did Carlos Santana NOT get in the top 10 best guitarists list!!!???

Anonymous said...

OK Awsome list dude but u forgot to put peter frampton in honorable mentions!

Anonymous said...


Tom Morello


Jack White

Anonymous said...

Kirk Hammett of Metallica?

WillzP said...

Slash (definately!)

Tom Morello

Jimi Hendrix