Ok, so I wake up this morning, just as usual. I slide down to the end of my bed and turn off my alarm. (I put it that far away so I actually have to get up to turn it off, and once I'm up, then I'm up.) This is at 6:45am. Jessica, like most people, is not so happy to get up in the morning. She usuually tosses while I scramble to get dressed and go take Coca out.

Usually violence doesn't precede me getting up in the morning, but today was just different. When Jessica turned over, putting more sheets over her head to block the sunlight, her right foot decided to say 'good morning' by nudging, nearly cutting, my rib cage. I almost fell off the bed, and would have if not for being able to touch the ground. I looked back, not so wounded, thinking I'd see her smiling, as if she was playing a joke. She was covered with sheets, so I couldn't see her face, so I said "hey". I get a cute giggle, and I ask, "Why do I get kicked in the ribs in the morning?" I was answered by another giggle and apology. We got a good chuckle out of it. Good times.


Anonymous said...
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Drew Caperton said...

Man, I hate back-link bloggers- people who leave comments just so you'll visit their site. It just seems to cheap!

Anyway, about getting poked in the ribs, I had a good laugh along with you guys. It reminded me of when I had to be the one to get you up. Wow, that was horrible.

jerry said...

just the thought of kent gettin up at 645 am is astounding considering he would schedule late classes in college just to sleep

Darken the Door said...

Isn't marriage great