a new chapter

As you may have read in Jessica's previous post, we have evacuated and have landed in Lafayette for the time being. There's no telling as to how long our stay will be there, but we hope to have a plan in place by then.

Anyway, for now, I get to start back, finishing up my semester at school, which will be through correspondence/internet classes. I believe my school has temporarily relocated to Atlanta, GA, and I guess they'll play it by ear (as everyone from New Orleans is doing) to see when they will resume classes there. In any case, I will graduate on time, dang it!

Just for a side note, for those wandering, we made it out fine. Some of have seen living proof of this. The place we are renting in Metairie turned out ok. There was no structural or water damage to the place, but there are tree limbs that have filled the yard (which is extremely minor comparitively -- our relatives in the area were not so lucky). We were able to go over there on Labor Day and see the effects, of which I'll have pioctures of shortly. We grabbed some clothes, a few electronics that we didn't want stolen, and after almost 8 hours of total time going, being there, and coming home, we called it a day, and made our way to Laffy.

It's cool because we have gotten to see friends, family, which has been good. It's also been god that Jessica still has a job to go to so we can still have an income. That definitely puts me with less to do with a whole lot of time to do it in. So, I guess i'll be catching up on my reading for classes I should be able to get finished. Oh well, I guess I'll try to get a little smarter in the process.

All in all, I can't complain. With the biggest disaster to hit America landing in my backyard, God is still good. He spared us and blessed us tremendously. What more could I ask for?