getting my composure

At last, we've heard the words we've longed to hear since the ordeal has happened: "Metairie is open!"

That's right, we'll be moving back into our house in Metairie on Wednesday, Sept. 21. As you know, our house was not damaged or looted during the happenings of the past 3 weeks. We are amazingly blessed in this time of crisis, and we have no one to thank more than God for helping us through wonderful family and friends.

So, the time has finally come to return to our normalcy. It will be in the fact that we'll be back home, but not quite normal yet. We may be having guests with us -- family that was less fortunate than ourselves -- so that should be fun... seriously! We love to entertain and Jessica is close to her family anyway, so we're excited.

You'll have to read her blog to find out about her job (I've gotta leave something for her to post). I will be working again with my company as soon as they set up shop again.

My school, unfortunately, was devastated by flooding, as most of New Orleans East was. So, I'll be continuing this semester, if not next semester as well, online. Graduation date is still set for the spring, 2007.

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Laje Kahr said...

That is so good to hear!