what the crap?

That phrase and others like it get on people's nerves. I'm sure that everyone can comment on this, so I'll just start the ball rolling with 2 of my anti-favorite sayings of the everyday man... or woman:


"less is more"

Gimme some of yours


Jessica said...

boys will be boys...

Drew Caperton said...

better safe than sorry...

Darken the Door said...

I hate the word "surreal" I don't know why. It burns me.

jerry said...

im just saying(we all know about that one)

for real? (no for fake you idiot)

Whazzzaaap!(the stupid budwieser commercial one, its way played out and i know someone who still says it)

the word brother in front of someones name, that totally irritates me.

well im sure i can think of somemore , so i will be sure to post them when i do

Laje Kahr said...

"Let's just be friends"
"What happens when you assume? It makes an Ass out of U and Me" (Mostly because people like to use this when the other person has made a reasonable Deduction, but because the other person doesn't see the logic, they ASSUME it's an assumption.)

don said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!
Nice guitar!!!!!!!!!!!!
I play as well.
One of the great joys of life...the gift of music!

Ok so a phrase that I'm sick of is "like" Its like 1:44pm and like I need to get back to like work.