let me speak on this...

Does anyone hear hymns on the radio? Maybe on Christian stations, or elsewhere at Christmas time. But what about the top 40 stations? Why not? Maybe it's because the music is out-dated. Maybe people just aren't into that style anymore. If that's true, then why sing songs that are 100 years old in church? Are they considered too sacred to disregard? Has it been done so long that we dare not change it? Do they even hold meaning anymore? These are just questions that came to mind when I originally wrestled with this matter.

Psalm 98 says, "Sing to the Lord a new song". God wants to hear new praises from His people. In recent years, it seems to have caught fire. And if that's what we ought to do, then why rehash old, played out tunes? Why continue on the way we've always done it? Do we assume that because God doesn't change that He doesn't want music to change? I've heard the argument that the style of traditional music represents a more pure time. I think that theory is about as solid as topsoil in New Orleans.

Is it the change? By nature, people fight change, but it's just as inevitable as death and taxes. Why not embrace it? Welcome it in to learn from and in-turn be changed by it!

If the songs we sing are for God anyway, then does the style matter? To God, I don't think it does. He enjoys the praises of His people, no matter what the medium. I believe God wants us to worship Him from our hearts, and when we do that, God smiles.

The style more has to do with creating a condusive enviornment for the worshipper to enter God's presence with joy in our hearts and repentence on our lips. Worship leaders are doing their job when that happens. This can be done in multiple arenas: music, art, drama, scripture reading, prayer, etc. The possibilites are endless, as long as the heart is open.

So, can people worship with the "old school"? Yes, but I think it stifles your expression to God. This also goes for songs that you've "known your whole life" and are not traditional. Those songs can just as much stumble out of your mouth without meaning because of it's repetitiveness.

Here's what I'm *NOT* saying: Hymns suck and should never be sung in church. Every song we sing in church should be brand new.

MY POINT: Keep worshipping and do it with your heart, soul and mind. Keep it fresh and fun. God deserves it.


Drew Caperton said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. It seems like many people who become Christians try to hold on too tightly to the past [in many ways, not just music].

The arguement that there was actually a purer time than now is stupid, sin is sin, and even though it might be more accepted now, that doesn't make the styles of music any more or less pure.

All this talk about music in church got me thinking... where are you guys going to church these days? Mom told me last night [I had no clue] that your church was on hiatus because of the hurricanes. Just wanting to be in the know.

Kent said...

Check out my church's web site.