Movie Review: Glory Road

If you're like me, you haven't seen the previews, and have no clue what this movie is about. So, if that's you, then check it out the preview. If it's not, then you're probably wondering how I've seen it already. Well, let me tell you! Jessica heard on the radio about free movie passes, and we never miss our chance at those, so she picked them up. Radio Disney was giving them away, and it was a very packed house. We got there an hour early and there were still about 50 people in front of us.

Going into this movie, I assumed that it wasn't going to be much of anything. When I think of a Disney movie, I think it's going to be hokey, less than exciting and goofy. It's rated PG, after all -- how good could it be? You might feel the same way, but you'd be wrong about this movie.

The story is basically a 1965 near-historic account of the first black NCAA team to start and go all the way to win the national championship, which they did their first year. The movie shows you a lot about what racism the players went through, and their battle to become champions and prove to the world that black men could play basketball.

This is the part in a review where I talk about some parts of the movie I might be critical about. After conversing with my wife, it seems that there aren't any. I'm not saying this movie is perfect by any means, but it's high quality.

Highlights of the movie include updates of the players at the end. The even more special treat was the interviews with the real players and even Don Haskins himself. That's really what made the movie for me. It was also amazing how well the casting was. John Lucas played the coach and he really did a great job. Even the players' likeness to the original players are quite uncanny. If you do happen to see this movie, listen for anything you might hear about Pat Riley... yes, the NBA coach... he's been around awhile, but he's actually a player in this movie :)

Overall: A+

I would definitely recommend to anyone. Whether you love basketball, sports in general, or any uplifting type of story.


Drew Caperton said...

Now I really want to see this movie. Before your review: trash. Now, it's in my top three, somewhere around King Kong and some other movie I can't think of.

Jessica said...

It really was a great movie. I'm definitely not someone who likes sports movies. I was completely wrapped up in the movie and its characters.

beth hintze said...

Uhm, Kent...that's Josh Lucas (and I'm a big fan!) Yeah, I'm with the multitudes in thinking that this was just another 'feel-good sports thing where the underdog wins against all odds' kinda movie. I saw a longer preview in some movie I saw last week and it got me a little more interested. Nice to know that such a jaded movie-watcher as yourself enjoyed it! I'll have to check it out! :)


Kent said...

Yes, Josh Lucas, excuse me.

jerry said...

not all disney moves are lame, remember the titans and miracle are both put out by disney, and they are both great films....