down with the nemesis

Take that, Arch Nemesis! Earlier in the year, I posted about my arch rival. I think, after all this time, I've finally come to the point of justification by domination. This villain of aggravation has been taunting me my entire span as an employee at my current company. I had come to grips with the fact that it would always outwit me in my goal of taping up boxes and various other shipping items. But, today, that is a thing of the past! I've found a way for it to do my bidding, without back talk or lip of any kind! So, take that Arch Nemesis, your days of glory are done!


Jessica said...

Victory is yours!!!!

Drew Caperton said...

Now only two things left to do:

1- decide on a victory dance
2- start looking for a new arch-nemesis!