Alright, so I haven't posted in a while.... ok, a good while, but I've been freakin busy! So many papers, so many reports, so many finals! I barely got everything in on time! But, I did it, praise be to God. No finals grades yet... but don't worry, you'll be posted.

On another note, pun intended, I'm gonna start gettin down on recording some songs for MySpace. If you're not yet assimilated into the phenomena called MySpace, then check out my musical profile here. I have one song up already, and I can't promise they'll be original, but it's done acoustic-style. When I get brave enough to actually record something original that I haven't thrown away, I'll be sure to post them. So, in the meantime, for your entertaining pleasure, please visit the sites/band recommendation along the right margin. Thank you and goodnight.


Drew Caperton said...

Your musical profile link is broken...