For those of you, like myself, who have grown up in any traditional-type church, you're probably well-aware of the hymn factor involved in worship services. Once I got to college, I wanted nothing to do with any hymn being sung at any given time. A couple years back, God started working on my heart for a balance in worship. So, fast forward to now... I actually like a hymn. I know, I have amazed even myself. The hymn is "Be Thou My Vision".


I led worship for the youth at a community church in Kenner last night. It was great fun, and I think the kids enjoyed it too. There was a few moments where I could tell they would rather be somewhere else, but there was one, just one girl, arm slightly raised, eyes closed, worshipping Christ. It hit me and made it all worth it. I couldn't stop smiling after that. I thought, "This is why God has me here, leading His people in worship."


In other news, I just bought a Playstation 2 for $50!! To you other gamers, this may be old hat for you, but up until now I have had the Nintendo GameCube. It's treated me well, but PS2 has offered me something that no other system has yet -- a band. Yeah, if you're into gaming at all, you might have heard of Guitar Hero. I tried it out at BestBuy and had a blast! There are over 70 songs! You play on this (what looks like a kid's version of a) guitar, with 6 colored buttons and a "pick". You just follow the fret board and tells you exactly when to play each string. There's already drums, bass, and a singer doing everything else. Good times, neat fun.


Jessica said...

PS2!!! YAY!!!You know what game I want!:)

jerry said...

thats cool that you started doing hymns......i came to the realization recently that a big problem we have when it comes to worship is we always think of music. everytime some needs a worship leader, what do we say....."WHO CAN PLAY GUITAR" not that music is a great venue for worship, but i feel that may other aspects of the arts are missing....

what about incorporating painting, beat poets, dancers, ect.

i think combining a few in one service can create some great and diverse worship and a unique experience with God.