Yaaaarrrrr me thirties!

Well, I'm officially finished with another decade. Yes, that's right, my 20's have left me, and the 30's have taken me. I think I actually counted the minutes until the end of my most coherent decade.

Coming into the weekend, I was told that I would have a surprise waiting for me... Jessica was suppose to take me to a nice restaurant after I had gone to see X-Men 3 (save that for another post). So, after the movie, Jessica picks me up from the movie. She stops about 30 seconds later and says, "here, put on this blindfold." I'm thinking that she just doesn't want me to see where we're going, so I put it on. About an hour later, we arrive at our destination. I felt us going on and off the interstate, so my theory that we were going to Lafayette didn't make sense, nor of going to New Orleans. So, maybe Mississippi? Anyway, so we get out, and she takes me into the place (still with blindfold on). I could hear the theme to Pirates of the Carribean playing, and suddenly I felt warm air hitting me. She stops me, and I'm thinking we're at some kind of exhibit or display for Pirates of the Carribean. Well, not so much. The hankerchief comes off, and after being blinded by the light of the sun, I hear and realize, much to my surprise, 25 of my friends and family are there to say "SURPRISE!!" I was very surprised indeed, and we had a whole lot of fun. Jessica really went all out with the theme, which was "pirates". There were candles floating in the pool, everybody had bandanas, pirate caps and/or eye patches on. We all said "yaaarrrr" a bunch. Jessica even made a list of pirates' favorite things (i.e. What's a pirate's favorite place to eat? Aaarrrrrby's). I had many presents and I got to play with my niece and nephew. Not to mention I'm stocked on food for the next 2 - 3 weeks.

All in all, I say goodbye to my twenties in style, and hello to my thirties forever (because you can forget about moving onto forties, fifties or beyond ;) ).


Darken the Door said...

Man, Kent I wish we could have come. Everyone was sick this weekend. Happy Birtday, man. Thirties is not so bad. I rather like it Take buddy.

Dallas said...

Thirty is the new 23... and nobody likes you when you're 23.

Jessica said...

Save a seat for me. I'll meet you there in a few years. Until then, I'll make old jokes. ;)

Drew Caperton said...

Man, I wish Riley wasn't so fussy. I felt like I was at your party for a grand total of 10 minutes.

Oh well, it was good to share that with you, bro. I was really excited for you to have a surprise party, you deserved it.

Good job, Jessica! The pirate fashion show was the best.

Take buddy.