Guitar Hero

I can't stop playing it. It's mesmerizing! It's definitely the funest game I've played in a REALLY long time. If you haven't heard me talking about it, I'm addicted to the game GUITAR HERO! If you're not a rock fan, then save yourself from reading the rest of this.

It actually comes with its own guitar... even though it looks and feels like something Parker Brothers or Playskool would put on the market. There's just 5 buttons, and you follow along the notes that it tells you to play, which are, of course, color-coded. It's so basic, but yet so fun! Best part about it is that you can play it if you've never picked up a guitar or if you've been playing for 20 years!

It's got modern and classic hits, and even some new original stuff that you can unlock. Check out the screen shots! Maybe, if you're lucky, you can sample it at Best Buy. I know the one in Metairie has it as a demo that's been up for like 3 months. It's just that popular! It has about 30 songs on it, getting a little harder as you unlock more. There are 4 different levels, and believe me, it's not as easy at it looks. I've had the game since June, and I'm just not starting to get through the 4th level.

Like I said, very fun and addicting. I've already hooked 2 guys from work, 2 of my friends, and even got my wife, Jessica, on it! Don't knock it til you try it! Definite thumbs up!


Kristy said...

I found it humorous that the first paragraph of this post is all that showed up on my kinja page...stopping right where it says "If you're not a rock fan, then save yourself from reading the rest of this."