Hurricane Madness

Well, chalk another one up for New Orleans. This makes two years in a row that "the sky is falling" cries came from the media, and again, no storm. Last year, it was Ivan, that finally went back east. A whole week of school was cancelled! I have no quams with missing a few days school for a small vacation. Of course, I think half my life is wasted away sitting in traffic, just getting to Baton Rouge! In the chaos that ensued with the evacuation of this area, traffic was backed up going any direction out of New Orleans. I think it took one of Jessica's aunts to get from her house in Kenner to Zachary in just under 12 hours!! Ridonkulus!

This year, Dennis moved the same direction. There were no evacuations. The most we had over here was a few gusts and some rain. Nothing big... I've had heavier thunderstorms. Some people were "smart" this year, and stayed home. Good for them. We went to Zachary... just in case... and we were going anyway. So, just to let you know, of course we're fine. So is New Orleans. Gulf coast beaches on the other hand, may be a different story.

Stop it, media! I'm trying to sleep!!


Drew Caperton said...

I'm glad to hear you guys are OK. I think that governments secretly like to see people fleeing their city like ants out of a stepped-on ant hill. It makes them feel warm inside.

Anyway, I'm glad you're safe and sound.