Ok, so I'm sitting in class, on the last day, and I'm listening to the professor, like everyone else is. I have my arms folded, and I notice that my finger-nails are a bit rough on my thumb. For some reason, I rub my two thumbs together, with my arms folded, and it makes a sound that anyone would hate to make in the middle of any social setting. If you haven't figured it out yet, it sounded like a muffled gas-passing... a social faux-pas. So, I thought to myself, "Don't act like it was a fart. No sudden moves.. no sudden moves... stop moving!" I moved my arms, and I thought it was too fast, so I'm sure my neighboring students were wondering if it was real or not. Of course, no fart = no smell, but not all farts smell, so I tried to ignore it as best I could.

It reminded me of something in the game, The Sims 2, where one of the new interactions in the game is to "ventrilo-fart". It shows your sim, farting (passing some weird yellow gas from their goolah) and pretending like it was the other person. Then, they both laugh it off. Good times.


Jessica said...

I love gas...and gas related stories ...:)

Drew Caperton said...

That makes me think of scuds and patriots! Ah, good times with Chris Dobbs. You'll have to teach me that rubbing thumbs trick, it could come in handy with kids.