full weather jacket

Yeah, so we're on our way to Lafayette this past weekend to see my brother's family, and it's late, as we mosey on down the boring existence known as Interstate 10. Wouldn't ya know it, it starts to fog... and then rains... and then rains harder until we see nothing but splashes of water from every angle, as our windshield wipers are moving at mach 10. So, with just less than 3 miles from our exit, all hope of making it to Lafayette fell before our eyes as the driver's side windshield wiper came off its arm. Woo hoo! Are we having fun yet??

So, as a good husband would do, I persuaded my lovely bride to pull over to the shoulder. Her fears of getting hit by oncoming traffic and monstrous 18-wheelers allowed me to take the wheel from the passenger side, and darting us to the shoulder. After calming my wife, I left the vehicle to perform the balancing act of fixing the windshield wiper while holding an umbrella in winds and gusts of approximately 25 mph. Dude. It didn't take long and before we knew it, we reached our exit, just in time for the rain to clear up. Oh, the humanity.


Dallas said...

(Pointing, doing my best Nelson...) Hanh-Hanh!

Jessica said...

It was a little more traumatic for me. I thought I was going to VOMIT! Good thing Kent can drive from the passenger seat because I lost all ability to drive when the wiper came loose. Eek!

Carrie said...

I'm laughing so hard right now...sorry Jessica, I know it was traumatic for you.