slow start

Well, I've obviously come to a slow start, having "started" with this months ago. Anyway, an update. I'm attending Leavell College, the undergraduate program under New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I am in my first semester, majoring in Christian ministry with a minor/concentration in music. To those that know me, this is no big surprise. Anway, we're a little over a month into the semester, and things seem to be going well.

We are, as in my wife and I, living with Jessica's grandparents in Metairie, a suburb of N.O., and are in the process of finding jobs, etc. I have one currently, but even that may change soon enough. I hear Guitar Center calling my name!

Anyway, school is very eye-opening.... yes, even at a Baptist college. Amazingly enough, most of the material, if not all, is not one-sided to their traditional backgrounds. I was happy to have found that the many aspects of the church as we know it, or may not know it, being explored and taught as possibilities here.

In an attempt to keep boredom to a minimum, I'll save more of this intriguing information, unless you post questions. Anyway, adieu.