geese on the attack

After school on Tuesday, my long day, Jessica had a cool idea to feed the ducks at Lafrieniere Park. The last time we went there, the ducks and geese seemed to be stuck up, implying they were full or had no use for mere bread. This time, however, nobody seemed to have fed them that day because once they saw us, with our bright yellow Sunbeam bread bag, they immediately darted after us, and I know I heard one of them say "Aflac!" We proceeded to toss out bits of bread, hoping to please as many geese as we could. Feathers flapped and flew about as they fought over who got the biggest piece of bread. We kept our distance from them, hoping they wouldn't snap at our hands, trying to get another piece or two. So, we speed-fed them and rushed off, as we noticed more of them heading our way.

Also, the last time we went to the park, instead of feeding the snobbish geese and ducks who were too good for our bread, we fed a herd of cranes that were squawking and jockeying for position on some kind of swamp tree, with some looking for food in the water. This time, there were mostly in the trees, less interested in our offerings, until we threw down our first piece. They seemed to swarm as we laughed and threw the rest of the bread we had. Then, they started to fly away, and we wondered why until we saw the biggert nutria known to man. If you are unfamiliar, these are water rats, indiginous to south Louisiana. They look like smaller beavers with a rat's head and tail. Quite disgusting, but tasty to some smaller parts of the area. This fiend bogarted what was left of the bread in the water. Guess he showed them. We have a new champion of the swamp!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kent! I finally got to view your blog by clicking on the link "Geese On The Attack". Very funny story! You know what else is funny, no animal I ever passed on the road with the kids riding in the car have ever remained silent...they all came to life through my voice ....it kept them quite entertained. You have a very interesting blog too! I think you and Jessica should start yout own publication! What a team!

The Nutria are kinda cute from a distance ...oh like, from the inside of my car going about 45 mph. Watch your toes, I hear they love toes!! Love ya! Mutterinlaw