If anyone knows me at all, they know that I love movies. I could probably sit around all day, watching movies, maybe vegging a bit, and be the happiest man on the planet. I also like talking about movies with people, to get their views on what they think the movie was about, on deep levels as well as shallow ones. It doesn't matter to me, if it's a movie worth watching, or even if I haven't seen the movie, I'm up for chatting about it or apparently posting about it.

I do have some rules for watching movies. 1= Don't expect it to be real. There is not some hidden camera like on Big Brother that watches everyone's every move. There is someone that has written a script, made up the story, and have actors who have probably never been in this situation. I hate it when people say, "I just watched Van Helsing, and I didn't like it because when the flying wives of Dracula kept talking while trying to kill Kate Beckinsale. I would have just killed her. It was stupid." I always want to come back with "Hey moron, it's a movie! At what point past the vampires, Frankenstein's monster, and the wolfman did it become unbelievable or ridiculous to you?"

rule 2 = make sure you hit the bathroom before hand. There's nothing like having to pee in the middle of the movie's climax. rule 3 = turn off your cell phone, and for sure, don't answer it! I'm sure there might be 1 chance out of 5000 that it's an emergency. So, live it in your pocket or give it to me so I can smash it.

rule 4 = don't guess what is going to happen next. Enjoy it, even though it may not surprise you. If all the entertainment is in the surprise, put your brain on hold for a minute. Save the thinking for afterward. finally rule 5 = Enjoy the movie. There are tons of movies out there, all with different intentions as to the mood. If it's a love story, feel the love. If it's a scary movie, it's ok to be scared and jump. If you think it's bound to have a happy ending, don't get disappointed if the hero dies.

If these rules don't satisfy your need to trash every movie you see, then get off my blog. I hope at least your entertainment value was touched.


Shelly Fire said...

Howdy Kent, This is Shelly Fire(psyudoneum). You visited my blog the other day, www.shellyfire.blogspot.com, and i thought i'd return the favor. Those audio posts are kewl. I'm guessing you already know how that works, but if you don't, and you want to check it out, go to www.audioblogger.com. It's simple, you do it via telephone. Did you get much hurricane action? I'm up in Grand Forks, North Dakota, so we don't see hurricanes to often. Well, in a way we do, they're called blizzards up here. We're hoping for a warmer year this year. It's supposed to be heavy snowfall, but warmer temps. Which would be kewl after last year. We had a cold snap that lasted about a week and a half. It got down to -36f and didn't go over -28f for that time. You add some 30mph hour winds(and sometimes 40 to 50) and you're looking at a windchill temp of anywhere from -55 to -75. Some cold *ss sh*t. (I hope that isn't to profane, let me know). Well, my kids have soccer game at 2 so I'll catch ya later.

Shelly Fire said...

By the way, I have two blogs, the one you were at is a blog i created for all these hippies who hate me. So, if you read my profile, it's weird and negative(so is the whole blog). Most importantly, I am also a big lover of films. I would like to state that "Pollyanna" is not my favorite film. I am also a musician, and do not feel that "music is for loosers who will be owned by me". And last, but not least, I do not, and would not, beat a woman with a belt. Or anything for that matter.(perhaps a fluffy towel if I was seriously provoked). I'll email you the addy for my personal family blog. As far as Shelly Fire goes, there is no limit to the profanity that i will allow on that site.
That is it's purpose. So, if you're ever feeling randy, you may vent there.

J. said...

I've always been an advocate for going to the bathroom first. I also have a rule, no eating or drinking in a theater - because you didn't have to go before the film, you might after drinking the 1/2 gallon of soda you bought for 12 dollars.

Laje Kahr said...

I love:
rule 4 = don't guess what is going to happen next. Enjoy it, even though it may not surprise you. If all the entertainment is in the surprise, put your brain on hold for a minute. Save the thinking for afterward.
I hate it when people say, "That movie stunk it was Sooooo predictable!" Especially, when I didn't even see it coming myself!